Linkwater is a virtual estate and grid. It is in full development, as is this website. It is a mostly urbanized area, with various facilities and a lightrail network. However, there are some less dense areas, including a wood and country-side meadows.

Seasoned hypergrid travellers will find us on:


If you are new to the hypergrid, read on!

How to visit

We will assume you are completely new to this. However, if you are already in other virtual worlds, such as Second Life or Virtual Highway, you will find much to be quite familiar.


Your representation in the virtual world is your avatar. What other visitors see when they look at you in the virtual world, that is your avatar. To be able to visit Linkwater, you need to create an avatar. Go to the Metropolis Avatar Registration page and choose your avatar. Fill in the details, and remember the firstname, lastname and password for the next step.

The Avatar Registration page allows you to choose your starter avatar. You can customize your appearance later on, if you feel so inclined.


The second step is to install a program that allows you to view virtual worlds. There are many such programs, also known as 'viewers', available. I prefer Firestorm, so that is what we will use.

Go to the Firestorm viewer download page and make sure to grab a version that says "For SL & Opensim". Install as per the instructions for your operating system.

Next, run your viewer. You are asked, at the bottom, to enter login details. You should select 'Metropolis Metaversum' in the field for 'Log into Grid', and enter your first and lastname as well as the password. If all is well, you should be logged in and find yourself in the Metropolis welcome center.


Now that you are logged on to the Metropolis grid, all you have to do is teleport to Linkwater. Just open the map (ctrl-M), enter 'Linkwater' in the search field, and hit 'Teleport'.