Free land


The Linkwater estate invites hypergrid residents (or aspiring residents) to settle down in one of the sims.

There are several plots on offer. Read on to see the list of current offers (or visit the Real Estate agency, you will find it at Turing Square close to the info center).

Open invitation

There is an open invitation to residents who want to claim a particular spot that is not on offer. If you have a great idea for a venue or a store, an art installation or maybe found the perfect spot for your home-away-from-home, just email Tom Frost at

Comes with the territory

There are not a lot of limits, as long as your build fits the philosophy and blends well with the local scenery. Note that sharp contrasts may, in some cases, be the right fit for the scenery.

Linkwater is a zoned estate, meaning that we may suggest another location for your idea. Do not expect to be able to build a huge office tower in one of the residential or low-rise only zones such as Linkwater Park and Meadows. However, a beautiful skyscraper would fit right in at Linkwater Central or the upper South Beach area.

In any case, builds must be fully structurally consistent. That is, no facade textures with windows, but actual windows. No fake storefronts with doors that do not open. It is ok to make certain parts of your build accesible to only selected people though.

All plots will be connected by the LWPW to the road network. Remote regions may have to contend with a dirt road, which may be a bit distant (depending on resident wishes). When close to existing LWPW or LWRR infrastructure, any kind of special entrance needs are negotiable, including connection to the LWRR railway network.

Current offers

Spencer Street 2, 16sqm

Nice commercial plot next to the info center and Spencer Tower.

Meadows Bluff, various commercial/residential plots

Entertainment or bussiness locations available.

On Meadows Bluff, in Linkwater West, right next to the LWRR station 'Depot' two shop locations have been made available.

Meadows Bluff is looking for the quirky, the off-beat, the unexpected.

Suggested uses are:

  • Gallery
  • Shop
  • Beverages and food
  • Entertainment

This is a pre-developed area, landscaping is not allowed. The outer appearance is to be maintained. User is free to build store front.

Comes with a ground-level store floor and a two story appartment (may be converted to be part of bussiness). No sky-boxes or other builds that extend beyond the pre-developed building.