M1 Semaphore Tunnel stretch complete

The LWPW has been working hard to extend M1 eastwards to Semaphore Hill, and from there south to Linkwater Park. Part of this trajectory traces right underneath Semaphore Hill, where construction of a tunnel has just been completed.

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Semaphore Tunnel West entrance

(West entrance to Semaphore Tunnel)

LWPW engineers used the cut and cover method, digging out the tunnel and then covering it with a concrete ceiling. The gap above the tunnel was filled with the rubble dug out earlier, so as not to disturb the visual appeal of Semaphore Hill.

The monumental semaphore tower provided another obstacle in the construction of the tunnel. The engineers have worked carefully not to cause any major shifts in the foundation on which the tower was built in in the early 1800s. Part of the front garden had to be dug out for the tunnel to be constructed, but all has been restored in its original state.

Semaphore Tunnel West entrance

(South entrance to Semaphore Tunnel with LWRR East Station to the right)

The chief engineer said to this reporter, "We started ahead on schedule, and have now completed the tunnel before the projected date. It was a straightforward job, no prims were tortured for the construction of this tunnel.". Volunteers from the Semaphore Hill Museum of Telegraphy agreed that the construction was swift, "They were done before we realized they had started.". According to them, the garden has not only been restored but that by removing years of dirt build-up the construction workers have uncovered the original gardens as they were in the 1800s.

According to local businesses the extension of M1 to Semaphore Hill brings good fortune. An anonymous businessman said, "We are ready to receive customers from Central, who want to flee the busy live for a moment. And in good time, the residents of Linkwater Park will know to find us.". With the M1 extending into the now still bare Linkwater Park, it will only be a matter of time before the planned residential projects develop and provide an extra boost to the economy of Semaphore Hill.

- Tom Frost - «LWPW».