January sees new developments for Turing Square

January has proven to bring a boom for Turing Square. A new Travel Agency has set up shop, and next door the Oval Office jazz club is working on their new venue.

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Turing Square early february 2015

(Turing Square early february 2015)

Turing Square, smack in the middle of the city, is picking up momentum. After a lack of progress on the info center, it now has a few info panels with welcome information for new visitors. Meanwhile, the LWPW has announced it is preparing an educational presentation to be shown in the info center auditorium. The presentation will guide people crossing over 'from the other side' into a cushy landing in the hypergrid.

January also saw the first trains traversing central station. After the first tests on the stretch between central station and the depot, work was undertaken to complete line 2 in its entirety.

February will be an exciting month for Turing Square. The completion of the Oval Office will likely bring liveliness to the square. The travel agency will fill its shelves with interesting destinations all over the hypergrid.

Development of the area surrounding Turing Square is likely to start as well in this month.

- Tom Frost - «LWPW».