Infrastructure projects add land, garner free power and broaden ways

A number of big infrastructure projects have been carried out silently by the LWPW. Engineers have sucked up sand from the sea, and deposited it at South Beach creating a leisurely land extension. But that is not all, all roadways have been widened from 6 meters to 8 meters to give larger vehicles space to manouver. And last but not least, with the construction of the MPC Dam the power of the water can be harnessed to generate electricity.

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Aerial overview of Linkwater

(Aerial overview of Linkwater)

Increased traffic has shown a short-coming in the original roads layed by the LWPW around a year ago. It has become obvious that larger vehicles do not have enough room to pass or overtake in the narrow roads. More than once, a particular heavy transport cracked the pavement as it had to manouver around an obstacle.

Therefore, the standard with of roads has been increased from 6 meters to 8 meters for all LWPW road infrastructure. With one exception, Linkwater Central was too crowded to be able to broaden the roads. The roads around Turing Square have been converted to one-way streets, effectively circulating traffic anti-clockwise around the central square.

Turing Square

(Turing Square)

With the growth of the urban areas and the start of regular test service on a part of LWRR line 2, it became obvious that a local source of electrical power is required. Plans were unfolded to build a hydro-electrical power facility in the north-east regions of the woodlands.

With the construction of the MCP Dam a week ago, the first step is taken to realize this clean source of energy. Work is underway to finish construction of the generator house at the foot of the 15 meter high dam. However, work does not end there, according to a spokesperson of the LWPW: "We then have to transport the power over powerlines to the main power distribution sites. Those have to be built first too.".


(MCP Dam)

The chief engineer said to this reporter, "We started ahead on schedule, and have now completed the tunnel before the projected date. It was a straightforward job, no prims were tortured for the construction of this tunnel.". Volunteers from the Semaphore Hill Museum of Telegraphy agreed that the construction was swift, "They were done before we realized they had started.". According to them, the garden has not only been restored but that by removing years of dirt build-up the construction workers have uncovered the original gardens as they were in the 1800s.

The extension of South Beach into the South sea makes available a number of interesting plots at the sea, as well as a public beach on the south-most tip of the new land extension.

The plots along Sinclair Beachway, as the central north-south axis on the beach is called, can be used for residential beach-houses. But entrepeneurs are welcome to set up beach-related activities as well, according to a spokesperson of the LWPW land allotment office. Interested parties should check out the real estate office soon for more information on free use of the plots.

South Beach

(South Beach)

- Tom Frost - «LWPW».