Infocenter rises

After a mere few days of construction, the info center on Turing Square is rapidly taking shape. The structure is up, the large equipment has left the building site and all that is left now is interior and exterior design.

(continued below photograph)

Helicopterview of Linkwater info center on Turing Square

(Helicopterview of Linkwater info center on Turing Square)

The LWPW refused to give an estimate as to the completion date of the central building of the Linkwater estate. The spokesperson deferred questions to this date by saying, "It may well never get finished. A building is a living thing, it evolves with the people within.".

The spokesperson added in a later interview, "We have grand works ahead, we are working with the LWRR to complete a large section of Line 2 within weeks. We may not have time for the furniture and art on the wall in a while.". This suggest that the early pioneers may be well left with the job of finishing the info-center (which also doubles as the community centre) themselves.

The helicopter view shows the area around the info center to be barren. No doubt the LWPW will be turning dirt and pouring concrete soon. A real estate agency offering land for free is rumoured to be placed not far from the current construction side, on the corner of California Drive and Turing.

- Tom Frost - «LWPW».